Zurich-based secure file transfer service provider Swiss Cyber Gate AG today announced the launch of File-Express, its new Swiss file transfer portal for businesses. Companies cannot and do not want to compromise on confidentiality and security, especially when transferring files in business data traffic. Third parties should not learn how these companies use a service or have access to their files. That is why the new portal is designed for the transfer of sensitive business data and even entire databases. It is simple to use, yet delivers the highest standards of confidentiality and control, and only uses Swiss server infrastructure.

The portal is subscription-based and therefore does not sell client data or targeted advertising like many other services.

The new file-express.ch file transfer portal:

  • is laser-focused on security and confidentiality
  • has the highest levels of HTTP protocol encryption
  • only uses Swiss servers for file transfers
  • is quick and easy to use
  • offers additional security options e.g. one-time SMS passwords, multi-factor authentication, access restrictions per country and more
  • stores and transmits files only in encrypted form
  • automatically deletes files after the deadline for download has expired
  • does not use advertising or sell data to fund the service
  • works with any web browser

“We offer clients the highest levels of confidentiality and security in a simple and easy to use form,” said Oli Kessler, founder and CEO of Swiss Cyber Gate AG, which developed file-express.ch. “As a business, if you and your own clients are not 100% comfortable about the risks involved in using well-known advertising-financed tools for your sensitive file transfers, and you do not have your own secure infrastructure, then File-Express is right for you.”

Protecting your data
The risks of using advertising-financed file transfer services are clear. Many such services monitor every click your mouse makes, and they can even access the files you are sending. Unlike these services, file-express.ch combines a simple, easy-to-use application with the highest standards of security and privacy, which meet the strictest legal and regulatory requirements even for the transfer of particularly sensitive personal data.

“With over ten years´ experience in the field of secure business file transfer with our successful CargoServer offering, we are now able to offer these functions as a service with a focus on speed of transfer, easy access, and intuitive handling through any web browser. With File-Express, users can send files with a just a click of the mouse without trackers, advertisements, tagging and profiling tools tracking their every movement and making this data available to third parties. Our clients want secure and confidential transfers without leaving traces on the network. In short, with File-Express your files remain your files, and your clicks are your clicks, period,” says Oli Kessler.

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