File-Express is a simple, cloud-based portal for businesses that need to transfer files electronically. Any browser can be used to access the file-express services.

We pride ourselves in offering you only the most secure and confidential way to transfer your data while guaranteeing that it is easy and intuitive to use every day.

How can I send data?
You simply press «Send documents» or click on the plus sign. This automatically directs you to the app, where you upload your data by drag & drop, or by clicking on the plus sign. Then just enter your email address and recipient´s address and, if required, you can write a message to the recipient in the box provided. Press send and it is done.

Can I add multiple recipient addresses?
Yes. You simply insert text containing all addresses – for example, an existing email – into the address field. File-Express automatically filters the email addresses from the text to ensure delivery to all intended recipients. It is that easy.

What happens after I press send?
Instead of an email attachment a secure one-time web link is sent to the recipient for download. Transfers are always encrypted, but if necessary you can protect and monitor further with additional security elements as part of our “smart subscription” offer. With our “free subscription” offer your files are stored for 7 days and can be downloaded as often as you like. In the “smart” subscription you can adjust the availability yourself.

Do I have to register?
You can transfer your files for free with or without registration using our freely accessible self-service tool. If you do want toregister then you only need a recipient and a sender email address. If you register, you will also have access to your contacts and transfer history.

How much data can I transfer?
You can send up to 300 MB of data free of charge. With the «smart» subscription, the amount of data you can send is basically unlimited. For very large files, those with more than 10 GB, the upload can take a little time depending on your internet connection.

How many files can I transfer at once?
Uploading a large number of files (more than 1000) at one time can lead to browser processing issues and may slow the transfer process. If this occurs, you may need to restart the upload process. You can send a maximum of 2500 files per transfer. These can be downloaded by the recipient in one easy step in the form of a ZIP file.

You can send any file format and size, e.g. confidential contracts, construction data, particularly sensitive personal data, or even entire virtual machines and databases.

Can I also transfer sensitive data?
Swiss Cyber Gate AG´s offering, including its file-express service, is specifically designed to ensure confidentiality, privacy and data protection. We provide our customers with secure and easy to use solutions for the transmission of electronic files in a business context. It’s all we do, and we are very good at it.We are uncompromising in our focus on security and confidentiality measures for both technical and organisational security.

The solution is aimed at employees of small and large organizations who exchange large and/or confidential files in their business context, but do not want to build a complex infrastructure: For example, engineering offices or engineering departments, design and media agencies or departments, law firms or legal departments, IT companies or IT departments, etc.

What does the “free” subscription include?
You can transfer files for free with or without registering using our free self-service tool. Simply upload your files via drag & drop or click on the file-express rocket and send up to 300 MB of data. Your files are stored for 7 days and can be downloaded as often as you like during that time. We provide you with this service up to a maximum of 50 times per year free of charge.

What does the “smart” subscription include?
You can transfer files in unlimited number and size, protected by a password if necessary, and traceable via a record in an electronic journal. You can check the status of the transfer during the course of the transfer and verify information on the validity, number of accesses permitted, and status of the files. Information about your transfers and downloads by the recipient is stored and can be viewed and evaluated at any time. How long you want the files to be available for download can be decided on a case-by-case basis, up to a maximum of 365 days.

You can protect the transfer with a unique password per recipient. This can be sent either by SMS or with an additional e-mail. For security reasons we recommend a separate channel.

Trust and the highest levels of security and confidentiality are important elements of doing business in Switzerland. And, as a Swiss-based service, file-express is fully focused on ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

Where is the infrastructure of file-express located?
All the infrastructure i.e. servers for our products is operated exclusively in Switzerland.

How can you guarantee the security of my data?
Your data are important to us They are always stored and transmitted to the recipient in encrypted form only.

Which technology does file-express use?
We use the highest encryption levels in the HTTPS protocol. All transfers are encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS) in the latest version 1.2, with the highest security level and the use of PFS (perfect forward secrecy) (in transit security). For the local encryption of the files (at rest security) we use AES-XTS with 512-bit key size.

How long is my data stored with file-express?
We automatically delete all files after the download deadlines, or the specified number of transfers have expired. However, you do have the possibility to keep the log files, and you can then access them later for traceability purposes.

Does file-express have access to my data?
Every file transfer between the sender and recipient is treated confidentially. file-express does not claim any ownership of the contents of the files transferred via the services offered. The responsibility remains entirely and solely with the users. Swiss Cyber Gate AG will not check the content of the transfer or the files unless this is required by, for example, a court order or request to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

What if I want to increase security further?
Additional settings for increased security are available for “smart” subscription customers. For example, the recipient of download can be granted access via an individual PIN, which is sent via SMS or in a separate email. Access to files can also be limited. You can choose a runtime limitation, allowing access only until a certain date or for certain downloads. You can also limit the number of downloads and use GeoIP torestrict downlaodsin certain countries/continents.

Privacy and confidentiality have a long tradition in Switzerland, andstrict l data protection laws are an important element in the country. With file-express, Swiss Cyber Gate AG provides a service that aims to meet the highest standards with regard to the privacy of users and the confidentiality of data. file-express is specifically designed for the transfer of data such as particularly sensitive personal data, confidential contracts, construction data, or even entire productive databases, often for customers from organisations that are strictly regulated by law or are subject to strict regulations.

Will the data concerning my usage behaviour be passed on to third parties?
Our applications do not include profiling tools, trackers, or data transfer to third parties. We do not sell or supply data to third parties and we do not fund our services through advertising revenue.. Our business is based solely on subscriptions and not on data collection. We have a strict separation between our website, on which we domeasure click and user behaviour to ensure we always provide the best possible service for our customers, and the actual transfer tool that customers use, on which no observation is possible.

Does Swiss Cyber Gate AG pass on personal data to third parties?
Swiss Cyber Gate AG will never pass on personal data to third parties.Exceptions are only possible at the express request of the user, or as required by courts or law enforcement agencies.

Why does file-express not use trackers?
The uncompromising business philosophy of Swiss Cyber Gate AG, and thus, is strongly focused on adherence to the basic principle of confidentiality in the area of IT security. At the same time, we must cater to the needs of our customers while clearly differentiating and positioning ourselves as a strong competitor to advertising-financed services. Advertising-financed services on the internet use a range of trackers, advertising displays, tagging sites and profiling tools. Technically, this means that data is passed on to third parties, and, as many incidents in the past have shown, this massively undermines security and confidentiality.