How you will benefit from File-Express

File-Express saves and transmits your files in encrypted form, and then automatically deletes files once the download period has expired. For added peace of mind, File-Express only uses Swiss-based servers for data transfers.

We do not sell or pass on your information to third parties. You can send files of any type and size with a simple click of your mouse without worrying about trackers, advertisements, tagging sites, and profiling tools tracking your every movement. Your files are your files only, and your clicks are your clicks.

Our proven technology ensures confidential and secure file transfer. You can also select additional settings for increased security including a PIN via SMS or other channel for multi-factor authentication, restrictions in the validity of the transfer, and access restrictions by country. These and other enhanced security features are available with the File-Express subscription service.

File-Express is designed for companies that require increased security for their data transfers. For example, our customers include registered companies that transfer particularly sensitive personal data or confidential test reports.

Our Offering

These companies already trust
on Swiss Cyber ​​Gate.

It’s that easy to use File-Express.

File-Express is an easy to use, highly secure cloud-based service tailored to meet the needs of businesses that need to transfer files electronically. Any browser is sufficient to use the service. Intuitively designed, you simply press “Send documents” and you will then be directed to our app, where you will be guided through the file transfer process.
“My goal is to offer you the highest level of confidentiality and security in a simple and understandable form.” Oli Kessler, founder and CEO of Swiss Cyber Gate AG, developers of File-Express.